Cook has grown a lot since 1875, when David C. Cook first started printing tracts to use with his Sunday school classes in Chicago, but resources for the church are still the backbone of the company. reading

David C. Cook/Bible-in-Life is the world's top selling Sunday school curriculum. In addition, Cook also produces Scripture Press and Accent curriculums (with Accent bringing the King James Version of the Bible into classrooms every Sunday), while Echoes serves the African-American church. Godprints, the newest addition to the Cook family, rightly stakes claim to the slogan, "The most creative children's ministry resource ever!" Throw Wesley curriculum, along with special derivatives for Reformed Presbyterian and Episcopal/Anglican churches, and it's clear that Cook has deep roots in the church.

Noah's Park Children's Church is an exciting new product which offers an entire year of Children's Church in one convenient package. Plus, Cook continues to offer cost-effective, creative Vacation Bible School programs, including the upcoming 2003 program, "The Jesus Expedition."

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