What it means to work at Lipscomb

Every organization has its own culture, mission, ways of doing things. Even in education. And the best organizations are those that spend a lot of time making sure that those who express an interest in working with them are the right match. And vice versa. So here are a few things about working at Lipscomb you should know as you investigate job openings.

  1. We are a Christian, faith-based community by virtue of our history as well as in our daily walk. David Lipscomb founded this university in 1891 not because he thought the area needed another academic institution – Middle Tennessee already had some very strong ones—but because he believed that the fully educated individual was just as much about spiritual foundation and character as it was about academics. He insisted on daily Bible study and worship, and that practice is still at work on this campus today. In fact, to be awarded an undergraduate degree from Lipscomb in any area, the student must complete 18 semester hours of Bible.  And around here, prayer happens a lot.
  2. We are affiliated with the Church of Christ and its faith tenets. No, we are not a church, but our roots are deep in the legacy of that faith fellowship. In fact, we require full-time faculty to be active members of a Church of Christ. Applicants for all other positions in the university who are members of a Church of Christ are given preference over qualified candidates who are not. We don’t intend to offend those who are not of our faith tradition, but it is who we are and, as they say today, it is “how we roll.”
  3. If you are committed to education, our benefits are especially attractive. In addition to the standard employee benefits of health insurance, a matching retirement fund, paid vacation (including a generous number of holidays unique to an academic calendar), employees get significant tuition discounts on classes taken at Lipscomb as well as tuition discounts for their children. Add a wellness program, access to our campus gym and workout facilities, a lifelong learning program, bookstore discounts and a few other perks, and working here has decided benefits.
  4. We’re very involved in the community. Our campus is open to community organizations, in fact, more than 125,000 a year come to campus or events and gatherings, not including our athletic facilities. It’s been estimated that the community service value from our students in university-related service efforts, our service day, our faculty and staff on boards adds up to millions of dollars in value to our community.
  5. We are a diverse community. With more than 50 nations represented on campus, we strive to be a community that loves, pursues excellence, engages in difficult conversations and welcomes diversity and inclusion. And we do so by empowering and engaging our community to be the people God desires them to be. As respect is a leading virtue of the university, we intentionally foster a culture of respect on campus to help prepare students for the diverse world in which we live.

  6. Finally, we are very conveniently located in the Green Hills area of Nashville on a beautiful suburban pedestrian campus. Nashville is now listed as one of the top most livable cities in the nation. We’re easy to reach thanks to the transportation hubs here (we’re within a day’s drive of three-quarters of the U.S. population), and rush hour is almost an hour. The city is highly diversified racially and culturally. Our arts groups are nationally noted. We are a health care capital for the country. There are almost two dozen colleges and universities in the area. And did we mention we know a little bit about music? All kinds!