College of Bible & Ministry launches new workshop to help ministry leaders grow their pastoral skillset

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The Lipscomb University College of Bible & Ministry is launching a new workshop to help ministers, teachers and other influential voices in the church community develop their skillset.

The Provision Workshop will take place November 12-13 at Longview Mansion near the Lipscomb campus. The cost of attendance is $49, including dinner on Monday night and breakfast on Tuesday.

The goal of Provision is to give church staff members the information and the opportunity to grow their personal skill set. The workshop is a very practical, hands-on learning experience that will focus on providing ministry leaders helpful tools and strategies they can utilize in a church environment.

Provision will prepare ministry leaders for adversities they may face, such as managing difficult people, walking through personal challenges, maintaining the load of teaching and preaching, working alongside elders, providing support for those in pain and need, and taking action towards necessary change within a congregation.

The focus of this event will vary every year. This year, Provision will center on conflict management and what that should look like from the perspective of someone working in a church environment. The workshop coordinator is Steve Joiner, dean of the College of Leadership & Public Service and director of the Institute for Conflict Management.

The deadline to register is Friday, Nov. 9. Click here to learn more or to register.