How to report an incident

Call 966-7600 (or 7600 on a campus phone) or by using an blue Emergency call box located in all major areas of campus.

All Lipscomb security and safety officers are trained to respond to any emergency situation, whether medical, criminal, or natural.  Just call 615.966.7600 (7600 from a campus phone). Lipscomb security personnel will be immediately dispatched to the scene.

Contacting Lipscomb security before calling Metro is generally preferable since Lipscomb security will triage with Metro, if needed, to get you the quickest assistance and direct them specifically to you.

However, if you feel the incident requires Metro attention first, call 9-11 and then call 615.966.7600 immediately afterwards so we can help direct Metro onto the campus and work with them to address the emergency quickly and completely.