A different kind of education waits for you at Lipscomb.

Different, in that a Lipscomb education is transformational in its added concentration on the formation of students’ spiritual lives, challenging you in areas of faith and character and ethics before you are called on to exercise those skills and characteristics in your life beyond the university.

You will be adding Bible classes to your academic development. You will be attending chapel regularly. You will be involved in service to others—all activity that is not part of most students’ college experience, all to gain an education that has more dimension than most students’ college experience offers.

Some basics about faith here: Our foundation for faith is the mission and Good News of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture. With a high view for the authority of Scripture, we seek to exercise our faith in God, the Father; Jesus, the Son of God; and the Holy Spirit.

Where we have come from:  While our faith began with the historic reality of Jesus’ death and resurrection more than 2,000 years ago, our historic roots in recent history are in the American Religious Restoration Movement of the early 1800s with the Churches of Christ and its characteristic commitment to the authority of the Scripture in daily life.

Where our path leads us:  At Lipscomb, faith is a verb. We believe that faith is Jesus-centered discipleship in action and expresses itself through community worship, prayer, service and other spiritual practices. Yes, that makes us somewhat “counter culture” in 21st-century America compared to other universities, but we are quite comfortable being different in this way.

So we invite you to a closer look at this added dimension in higher education. And the added dimension it will give your life and work.

Steve Davidson
Senior Campus Minister