First, faith is learned.

Even Jesus Christ had instruction in faith as He grew.  From teachers in the synagogue to mentors in his family and faith. At Lipscomb, students also engage in these important formative experiences.

Bible Class: Yes, Bible classes are required of all students as part of their Lipscomb experience—18 hours if you attend here a traditional four-year period. These are rigorous, academic studies ranging from several fairly basic topics in your early college career that all students take to classes later in your program that likely relate to your professional choice.  We’re so serious about this that Bible is as integral to your grade-point average as any other area of study.

Taught under the leadership of the College of Bible and Ministry which houses the ATS-accredited Hazelip School of Theology, these classes are intended to enrich your professional choice as a vocation, not just a career. The first three semesters include the courses: The Story of Jesus, The Story of the Church and The Story of Israel. Those are followed by courses chosen in such areas as Biblical ethics, Christian living disciplines, faith and culture and other courses related to specific professional tracks.

In the classroom: At Lipscomb, student have the unique experience of being spiritually impacted by the instructors in every classroom. All faculty members are practicing Christians who have not only been selected for their proven academic expertise in specific areas, but their ability to help students search for God’s purpose in their vocations. Thus, prayer in class is very common. 

Mentoring: Students have the opportunity to form mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and other students, intended specifically for spiritual maturing. Called The Joshua Project, this voluntary program involves hundreds of students and mentors annually.

Academic majors in ministry and theology: Who knows? Through Lipscomb’s spiritual formation emphasis, you may discover that spiritual formation is your professional choice! The undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Bible and Ministry as well as the Hazelip School of Theology offers one of the only ATS-accredited programs in the area that is focused on practical application within church and para-church professional work.