Sometimes faith is a team effort.

The Gathering, Allen Arena

Spiritual growth is often best done—and most joyful—when done with others.  Students at Lipscomb have multiple opportunities to learn and grow spiritually in community activities.

Chapel: Lipscomb requires students to engage in communal meetings "chapel" several times a week to practice the disciplines of worship, prayer and time in God’s Word, among others. The 30 required chapels per semester can be met in the campus-wide “Gathering” and/or with more than a dozen smaller special-interest chapel gatherings to choose from, including men- and women-only chapels to gatherings of like-minded students around specific professional disciplines such as theater, business, and more.

Campus Ministry: Lipscomb University maintains a staff of full-time professional ministers who lead activities such as chapel, small group studies, prayer sessions, leadership development and more. But beyond these more formal organized activities, the campus ministry staff is available 24/7 to help students with spiritual challenges, opportunities and growth.

Mentoring: Students have the opportunity to form mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, alumni and other students, intended specifically for spiritual maturing. Called The Joshua Project, this voluntary program involves hundreds of students and mentors annually.

Faith lives in the residence halls:  Some of the richest spiritual activities a student will have at Lipscomb are in the midst of everyday life in the residence halls. Small-group Bible studies and devotionals are typically available throughout the week. And just as faculty is carefully chosen with a strength in spiritual leadership, so are the residence hall directors (RHDs) and student resident assistants (RAs) who live in each residence hall. These men and women are not only committed to students’ well-being and safety, but are also committed to intentionally creating a welcoming and positive environment conducive to spiritual well-being as well.

Spiritual life for athletes: If your Lipscomb career will include involvement as an athlete here at one of the few Christian NCAA D1 universities in the nation, be prepared to not only be challenged in your sport but also supported in your faith. Practice times and travel schedules can be challenging, so the athletics department includes a men’s and women’s minister to help ensure that athletes achieve the spiritual and academic growth they want along with their athletic success. Also, many Lipscomb athletes are involved team mission trips related to their sports passion, such as building athletic facilities for children in Haiti.

Find a church home: While on-campus opportunities for corporate worship and spiritual living and learning at Lipscomb are deep and wide, the university is committed to helping each student to find a church home within the city. The benefits of this important relationship are many, including fellowship outside the student body and the opportunity to connect with residents who are intensely interested in making sure their student members feel at home and are well loved! Each year, a Church Fair event is hosted on campus to link students with congregations, and the Lipscomb Office of Church Services stands as a resource to any student who is looking for the right congregational match for them.