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Connecting the Nashville community and many other audiences around the globe with the university is where we spend our time every day, year round. Whether you are media, or an alumnus with a great story we need to hear, or are looking for information about the university you haven’t found elsewhere on this site, our team of communication and marketing experts are ready to help.

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Tabitha Barbé

Social Media and Web Content Specialist

Tabitha Barbé, social media and web content specialist for Lipscomb University, has more than six years of experience in coordinating digital content. She joined the University Marketing team in Dec. 2017. Barbé advises on managing university-associated social media accounts from engagement to live events. She’s a web manager for Lipscomb...

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615.966.6499 (ext. 6499)

Zach Bowen

Graphic Designer

Zach Bowen joined the University Marketing staff in September 2015. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design from Lipscomb University. He is responsible for the ongoing design of university publications.

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615.966.6496 (ext. 6496)

Dave Bruno

Vice President of Marketing

Ensuring the brand story of Lipscomb University is told in attractive and faithful ways. That describes the focus Dave Bruno, a seasoned professional with expertise in brand and digital marketing strategy, brings to the vice president of marketing role. Bruno joined Lipscomb after being founder and principal consultant at Middle...

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615.966.7133 (ext. 7133)

Mary Kate Grant

Web Content /Copywriter Specialist

Mary Kate Grant joined the University Marketing staff in May 2018. She holds a bachelor of arts degree in English from Lipscomb University. She serves as the copywriter for university publications and assists in content creation for the university website.

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615.966.5356 (ext. 5356)

Kyle Gregory

Director of Digital Marketing

Kyle Gregory joined the University Marketing staff in May 2006. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in communication from Lipscomb University, and is currently working on a master of science degree in mass communication at Middle Tennessee State University. He is the manager for the design and maintenance of...

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615.966.6495 (ext. 6495)

Emily Kinney

Graphic Designer

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615.966.6497 (ext. 6497)

Will Mason

Creative Director

Will Mason joined the University Marketing staff in January 2006. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in graphic design from Lipscomb University and a master of arts degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design. He is the Assistant Creative Director and serves as a project manager for...

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615.966.6493 (ext. 6493)

placeholder for Caroline Mullins

Director of Advertising and Marketing

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615.966.6498 (ext. 6498)

Josh Shaw

Sr Marketing Videography Manager

Josh Shaw joined the University Marketing staff in October 2014. He is a Gallatin native, attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has been working in the field about eight years. As a videographer, he is responsible for the ongoing production of video for the university website, social media...

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615.966.6490 (ext. 6490)

Kailey Sullivan

Graphic Design Specialist

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615.966.5346 (ext. 5346)

placeholder for Tyler Williams

Meeting Coordinator

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615.966.6196 (ext. 6196)

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