Website Redesign Project

Lipscomb is undergoing a website redesign. I call a project like this a “Hub Project.” Hub Projects touch almost every office and department of an institution like Lipscomb. Projects of this scope and impact only come along every so often and serve as a remarkable opportunity for campus-wide collaboration and alignment.

A project of this magnitude is a lot of work, too. The Office of University Marketing has put together this Website Project Communications page to share the vision, objectives, schedule, impact, and more with the Lipscomb community.

It is important for University Marketing to regularly share project updates. Just as important is your feedback. We have created a feedback form that allows you to communicate with us regarding this project.

Over the past 20 years I have led several organizations through comprehensive website projects. Not one was easy. Yet, every single time the hard work was worth it. The internal community celebrated a delightful and user-friendly web experience. External audiences responded positively, as well.

Thank you for journeying together on this important initiative.


Dave Bruno
Vice President of Marketing

Project Vision Project Partner Feedback Form